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Franchising Research Sources

Franchising research sources of information

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Start A Franchise

A franchising pro shares his knowledge on how to start a franchise, what a franchise is, and why you might want to operate one.

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Franchise Business Plan

A strong franchise business plan is a communications tool, your one opportunity to influence your lender.

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Financial and Accounting

Financial and accounting responsibilities. When investigating the best franchises, be sure you understand the obligations as to these responsibilities.

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Development Formats and Agreements

Development formats and agreements for the franchisee

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Definition of Franchising

Definition of Franchising - terminology, explanations and definitions

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Contact Me

Contact Me

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Buying a Franchise

In your quest for new business opportunities consider buying a franchise

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Business Franchising

There are two types of business franchising: product distribution franchising and business format franchising. Here’s how to choose the best option for you.

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Franchising Research

Franchising research information is the single most important activity in making your franchise investment decision, and you’re the one who has to do it

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Best Franchises

We offer franchising tips and solutions to assist you in your quest for the best franchises and how to make the best franchising decisions.

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Welcome to the best of franchising.

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Franchise Financing

The financial reality of franchise ownership and franchise financing.

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Successful Franchisees

Similarities and characteristics of successful franchisees

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Pros and Cons of Franchising

Pros and cons of franchising. Not all franchises are successful. Not all are profitable, but yours can be.

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Franchise Financing Costs

An overall picture of what your franchise financing costs may look like

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What Is A Franchise?

What is a franchise - it is a business relationship that links a company that wants to distribute a product/service and an entrepreneur who wants to run a business.

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Franchise Documents

By learning more about franchise documents and the details they require, you will be better prepared to investigate potential franchise opportunities.

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Franchising-Licensing defined by two different types of law

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Franchising Lawyers

Franchising lawyers and legal issues relating to your franchise

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Welcome to Franchise Blog!

It is great to have you visit us at our new blog. Check back from time to time to get the latest news on franchises and the franchising world.

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